Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly Recap W/E 7/27

Week ending 7/27 was a busy busy week and I think I might have burnt myself out.  As a consequence week ending 8/3 is going to be REST REST REST.


Rock N Roll Half Marathon- PR CITY BABY!!! 2:24:30!!!


A.M. Bootcamp  I woke up with stiff legs but being able to sprint in the bootcamp class actually helped my legs (I thought).

P.M.  Swim (got my ass kicked up by super fast Heidi!!)  and TRX strength.  I did a few lunges and my quads were SCREAMING.  At this moment I knew I had pushed myself too far.


A.M. 20 mile bike ride.  Normally I do a Tuesday morning bike/run brick but my legs were so dead I only wanted to ride.

P.M. CARA Pub Run.  Was running late so ran about 5 miles on my own.  This felt great as the weather had actually cooled off!!!


A.M. Bootcamp

P.M. Beginners Group leading so about 2ish miles run/walking


A.M. My first mile repeats at the track followed a swim in the lake.  Unfortunately I must swim the slowest mile ever because I ended up getting a parking ticket :(

P.M. Undie Dash 5K!




12 mile long room with the training group.

Yeah I think I did too much.  And I just felt physically awful the entire week.  So this week I'm resting and catching up on laundry!

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