Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly Recap w/e 7/20

It a very hot and kind of miserable sort of week!  :(


Volunteered at Fleet Feet's Hydration Station.  The weather didn't feel too bad from where I was standing and since I was at the Randolph St Station didn't get to see as many runners as the other two stations.  I was impressed with the amount of runners in the solid double digits!!!




Burgers and Beer 5K!  It was hot hot hot!!  29:22, 9:27 pace.  I really wanted a PR on this one but it was high 80s so what can I do?!  


A.M.  CAC Tri Club bike/run brick.  50 minutes of bike followed by 20 minutes of run.  Really wanted a negative split on the run since that's what I've been working on.  Got 10:12 for first mile and 9:53 for the 2nd mile!!

P.M. CARA's Summer Nights Pub Run.  We met at Mad River and then I went out for 3 hot miles.  Somehow I don't think it felt hotter than the previous week?!   3 miles, average pace was 10:45.  Garmin says moving pace was 10:16 I don't always go by Garmin for moving pace but considering we ran through the streets and had to stop at lights I'll take the moving pace! ;)


A.M. Open Water Swim at Ohio St Beach.  This was a struggle only did .5 mile with a lot of stopping.  

P.M. Was meeting CAC Tri Club at Kirkwood Bar and Grill so randomly ran the mile there and back. So a bonus 2 miles at 10ish pace!


A.M. Met my Rock N Roll training ladies at the Lakeshore Park for a track workout.  We did a mile warm-up and then we did 2 x 800 and 1 x 1600.  The 800s were at 5K pace and the 1600 at Half Marathon pace.     I did the 800s in 4:28 and 4:24.  I did the 1600 in 9:31.   These were tough for me physically but I'm happy with the pace!  

Then I headed over to Oak St Beach AND MADE IT OUT TO THE .5 MILE MARKER!!  Of course I had to make stops but that was my first attempt and it was successful!!!

P.M. Esprit de She 10K 5K  The 10K was cancelled and all runners did the 5K.  This one was extremely hot and I finished in 30:39.  I got extremely hot and stopped and walked in that last mile!


Rest Day!!!


7 miles the temps were cooler but they didn't feel that way!!!

Total Miles: 23.2 
Bike: Once (gotta work on this!!)
Swim: Twice (gotta work on this too!!!)

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