Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trying to Find Balance

It's really tough when triathlon training to find the time to actually take a rest day.  I mean I know there are specific training schedules out there but I never seem to be able to follow them.  Too many other things get in the way and I miss a swim on a Wednesday and have to shift etc. etc.

And then I have too many friends that are training too. I'm constantly getting IMs or emails about working out!  One friend wants to strength train, another a track workout and a third wants to swim in the lake!  How do I choose? How do keep it all straight?

I'm the worst at saying "No".  Now I'm roped into running the Undie Dash 5K and I'm not even comfortable with undies!!

Usually my lack of clean clothes will dictate a rest day.  Since I'm so busy I have very free time and have to squeeze the hour and a half to do laundry SOMEWHERE.  Plus it's been so hot and sweaty that my clothes STINK!!!

Mondays nights and Tuesday mornings I have Tri Club, Tuesday Nights Pub Runs, Wed Nights Beginners Group Leading, Thursdays Bowling, Fridays Beach Volleyball, Saturdays Marathon Training in the early A.M. and Kickball in the afternoon and finally Sundays is Softball.  I haven't even mentioned that I actually work Mon-Fri from 9-6!  And instead of staying super busy with a lot of fun, I usually end up missing things!  Either from other commitments or being just plain tired.  So really I'm just half assing about half of my commitments.

It's not good.  And I need a break.  How do you find balance??

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