Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tomato Blast! (My worst idea ever!)

I am a sucker for a good Groupon.  Most people know that about me.  So back in March when I saw the Groupon offer for the Tomato Blast I bought it right away.  I mean who cares if the event was 4 months away?!  It was going to be fun!!

And obviously Shruti had the same exact thought!  Since she bought it too.  

We took a cab over to Soldier Field only to realize that it would have been cheaper and easier just to drive and pay for the parking.  And the Tomato Blast wasn't actually in Soldier Field it was basically in a parking lot outside of McCormick Place!  So that was kind of annoying.  After that long walk we got there just as the tomatoes were about to start blasting.  

And they were just letting everyone in!  It was sort of chaos!  I didn't want them to forget about my free beer.  Luckily we found a guy who looked us up on a list and then gave us our beer tickets.  But then I realized that there was no way this beer ticket would survive.  I mean people were throwing a lot of tomatoes.   But Shruti was confident that if she put them in her pocket they'd survive.....

**Spoiler Alert** They did!  In line at the beer tent, yeah it was really cold and gross to be covered with tomatoes!  

Basically there was a bunch of tomatoes flying EVERYWHERE.  And these were hard ripe tomatoes!!   I totally have a bruise on my arm.  The ground ended up being covered in what looked like marinara.  
And when we were done we thought we would never be able to convince anyone to take us in a cab!  And we were sort of right.  It took us at least an hour to FINALLY flag down a cab.

Would I have liked it better if it'd been hot out?  Probably I mean they had a huge hose to wash everyone off but since it was already freezing I didn't want to be in even wetter clothes!  I had brought my backpack so I was able to change in a porta potty.

The most fun though was when everyone started dancing like crazy.  I am always up for a good dance party.  If no one had danced at the end I would have REALLY hated it.  As it is I doubt I'll EVER partake in a tomato fight again.  I see on Yelp I'm not the only disappointed one.

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