Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicago Undie Dash 5K Race Recap

Somewhere back in April (and I was probably drunk) Jamie got me to agree to sign up for the Chicago Undie Dash 5K with her.  And then she bailed.  And I still ran it!!

I managed to coerce not one but two of my Marathon Training Group Buddies to head downtown on a Thursday evening and run in their underwear!  Well for Adrienne and I underwear=shorts.  In our world capris=shorts!!

This was my first time wearing just a bra and I kinda liked it!  But when I did get a bit sweaty I had nothing to wipe my sweat on!

I'd say there were about 300 runners total.  I'm just guessing maybe there were more!  I was surprised by the turn out and though that there were some GREAT costumes!  Too bad we were so boring!!

The race started right on time at 6:30.  Gear check was a breeze despite the fact that basically EVERYONE had gear to check since not everyone arrived in their undies ready to run!

We started out really close to the docks and lake but then ended up higher so we actually ran long grass for a bit.  This made it so while it was an out and back course we weren't all trying to fit on the same lil Lakefront Path.  We reached the grass about a lil over a half a mile in and I'd say this was the point where the crowd really thinned out.  This only made us run faster because if we were with a crowd we at least felt a bit covered!!

The path curved so we ran underneath Michigan Ave basically right to the bridge by the Metra Station. This is actually the first time I'd been on this portion of the path!  It felt a lil exciting since it was a new direction that I was not used to!

The water station was located about a quarter of a mile before the turn around which was nice because it meant we hit that station twice.  Hills kill me and somehow the few hills in Chicago seem to kill me every time!  From the water station to the turn around on the bridge it was basically all up hill, but at least every hill if usually comes with a corresponding downhill.

The path back towards the start definitely felt like it was slightly downhill.  Maybe it was psychological because the weather was nicer, but to compare Burgers and Beer 5K the return bath was along Columbus Dr. and that felt way more torturous!

Before we knew it we crossed the finish line together.  The race wasn't chip timed but Garmin says we crossed in 10:17!

Now the post race party was a BIG disappointment for me!  Apparently I signed up so early that I'd read all of LAST year's party details.  These details included a free Mike's Hard Lemonade as well as an after party on a boat!  Now they communicated to us that they would no longer have the party on a boat but NOTHING about no free drink!

In fact this is cut and paste from their website:

Post Race Party Details!

How much do we like to party?  
We have outgrown the boat, that's how much.  

Don't Fret! 


Enjoy a lakeside, "hilltop" party only 200 meters from the finish line. Music and dancing? Of course!

Party goes until 11PM  
Additional food and drink available for purchase.   
Spectators can come too. Just $5 at the door.  

Additional food and drink makes it sound like you got a free drink at least!!  And I hope no one paid $5 at the door!  It was a big open space with a band and some tables and then food and drink for purchase.  

Bottom line I'd only run this race again if I really really wanted to run in my "undies" again.  And while the pink free race shirt is pretty cute....SHOULDN'T THEY BE GIVING US FREE UNDIES???

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