Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals!

So I'm looking at my August calendar and I see the following:

Lollapalooza 8/2-4

Iron Girl Triathlon 8/11

Fort2Base 8/25

Marathon Training AND Kickball ongoing Saturdays in August


So it's kinda really empty and it seems like as good as a time as any to pick some AUGUST GOALS!

1) I'm using Iron Girl as another "test" triathlon to get ready for the Tri Rock Lake Geneva Triathlon on 9/14.  Basically I need to get used to the whole transition/switch up the sport thing.  And I really gotta get comfortable in the open water and the bicycle.  This is the same goal I've had since last February and it's starting to get a bit frustrating to be honest.

2) Strength training!  I did A LOT of strength training while I was injured and then I just sort of forgot about it.  It's just too easy to go for a run sometimes rather than go to the gym and lift weights.

3) Less running.  I need to stick to Run Less Run Faster plan of only running 3 times a week.  Anytime I over do it then my legs really feel it and I want to go injury free this marathon training cycle.  Consequently I need to start actually doing my PT exercises.

4) See more movies!!!  I've been neglecting my first love and I'm going to change that soon!

What are your August goals?