Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 races in 4 weekends!

I've neglected this blog!

I've been too busy training for Steelhead 70.3.

Actually that's not true I just got done with 4 race weekends in a row!  I'm starting to feel so old those 4 race weekends made me TIRED.

4/19 CARA Lakefront 10 MILER

Nice, fun race put on by CARA my favorite running organization here in Chicago.  Race begins end ends at Montrose and even though it's on the path it has some quirks like running over Cricket Hill!  I ran this race at 9:54 pace which is officially my first endurance race with a 9:xx as a pace!  Afterwards I had ALL the beers and I really mean ALL the beers because people kept giving me their beer tickets!

4/26 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

I was hoping for 4:35 and started around right around 10:20 pace and then I bonked at mile 10 and never got it back.  Nice race with GREAT crowd support though!  I wish it was a bit closer to Chicago though as it required a rental car and a hotel room.

5/3 Wisconsin Half Marathon

I got a major PR!  2:07:57!!!  Loved this race.  Weather was perfect.  At the end we got a brat, cheese and local craft beer!

5/10 5th 3rd Bank Grand Rapids 25K

BIG race.  I was tired so I ran it as a training run.  Even with a potty stop and stopping to get ALL the orange slices I managed a 10:46 pace.  I'm planning on training this summer at 11 pace so I'm fine with that finish.

In the coming weeks I'll update this space with links to longer recaps!!!