Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Triathlon for Morons: Protect the Lady Bits!!

Okay don't be a moron like me and think just because you survived a few spin classes with your Lady Bits in tact that you don't need cycling shorts.  Because trust me YOU DO NOT WANT TO BRUISE THE LADY BITS.

I stupidly went out on not 1 but 3 rides without any padding and it was quite painful!  I went and bought cheap $30 shorts/underwear that I can wear under my capris.  I need to get a good pair though.  I like the Gore skirts but so expensive!

I need to get over it but I just don't do shorts!  So many nightmares about the shorts riding up, not to mention well cellulite.  Maybe I can start using self tanner and I'll feel better about wearing shorts....

Also, don't be a moron like me and think you can wear your regular baggy sweat pants on the bike.  They WILL get caught up in the bike and they WILL rip because you'll panic when they get caught and pull at them for fear of falling over!  By the end of an 8 mile ride I had 5 different holes in the inner right leg of my pants!

Since it's still be in the 40s lately I've been wearing my Compression socks OVER the ruined pants.  This seems to be a cost effective way to ride without going out and getting tights.

Because let's face it, I don't do shorts OR tights!!

Thank goodness it's getting hotter out.  So my bike outfit is capris with the bike shorts underneath.  I don't clip in yet, so I just wear my regular sneaks.  This morning it was 57 degrees when I went out at 6 a.m. so I still wore my hoodie.

I'm getting jealous of everyone on the path with the fancy shirts with the pockets in the back.  That might have to be my next purchase!

What do you wear when you are bike training?

Today's workout: 16.5 miles biked in 1 hour 22 minutes.

Today's Lunch:

Salmon!  Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and zucchini and squash.  I'm going to pretend there wasn't any butter on them either!  It was delish!

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