Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fleet Feet Girls Night Out!!

First let me just say that I whole heartedly approve of any event that serves Prosecco.

And Fleet Feet had this guy and MANY bottles of Prosecco.  He honestly had a TON of other types of wine, but why experiment when there's Prosecco????

But first let's back up a bit.   Fleet Feet has a Chick's Night run EVERY Tuesday Night.  I always want to attend but it's at 6:30 and traffic can be TERRIBLE.  Since they were having the special G.N.O. Jamie texted to let me know that she wanted to run before hand and we'd just leave when we both got there.

By the time I found parking and got there I found Jamie and Kim waiting for me out front.  We decided on running 4 miles and I was kind of shocked to feel the heat in the air!  I went out biking in the A.M. and the air was still chilled.  But at 7 p.m. the air was windy but warm.

I wish I had pics of the Lakefront Path because there were TONS people out and even more importantly TONS of shirtless men!  Since I moved to Chicago in October the path has been fairly desolate.  There was so much activity it was like sensory overload.

During the run I pretty much decided I'm going to need tanks and shorts/skirts for the summer!  It was HOT!

We ended up running just under 4 miles and our average was 11 minute miles.  I kinda wanted to do faster but the heat was really getting to me!

Anyways we got back to Fleet Feet to see this crowd waiting to get inside!  Girls Night Out officially started at 8 p.m.!

After checking in we were advised to sign up for bra fittings and massages right away.  I made a beeline for the bras because I really wasn't 100 percent sure I was wearing the right size!  Surprisingly the super helpful sales girl measured me and I was already wearing the right size.  Nonetheless she helped me find 5 different styles of bras to try out.  I ended up liking Juno.  If don't want your boobs moving AT ALL then get this bra!  It holds you in so well it was a bit of a pain getting out of!

(Do I really have to mention when/if I grabbed a glass of Prosecco??)

Next up Jamie really wanted to try on running dresses but I convinced her to be a bit more practical and try on a Tri Suit instead.

We definitely determined that tighter is better with these Tri Suits!  I mean somehow we have to fit it inside the wetsuit along with our bodies!!!!   I figure the Tri Suit will work slightly better than Spanx for me!

Fleet Feet was having an awesome sale of 30% off of Brooks shorts and skirts.  Of course I had to get a short AND a skort.  The skort definitely ran a bit big, so I'd recommend sizing down, while the shorts seemed true to size.

By the time we'd eaten many cupcakes and drank plenty of glasses  a glass of Prosecco, we realized we still needed to sample the Clif Shots AND Luna Bars.  I'm not a huge protein bar fan but they were on sale for $5 for 5!

When we decided it was time to go we were handed a yoga mat as we were leaving!  Perfect I need a new one for the new beach yoga Groupon I signed up for!

I just love these events that Fleet Feet hosts!  It really helps to build the running community and one of the main reasons why I'm glad I moved to Chicago!!

What about you?  Can you resist a discount?  What's your favorite running place to hang in Chicago?  Invite me next time!!

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