Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Jamie and I teamed up to do our first Scavenger Hunt together.  We had bought a Groupon and paid $45 for the both of us.  Check in was at 11 a.m. at Lucky Strikes in downtown Chicago.

Right at noon we were all instructed to text a number to get our clues.  They also gave out a hard copy. We had been told in advance to download a QR reader.

Anyone have a tattoo?  Find someone with an animal tattoo and take a picture of it with your team.

We (and a few other teams) found this guy on the train down to Wrigley.  Funnily enough when we got to Wrigley scalpers were trying to scalp pics of animal tattoos for $5!

Take a picture of your team Lap Frogging at the tallest building in Chicago.

This clue was the furthest from any other and we lost a lot of time getting there!  Especially since we realized on the way there that we'd have to head back to Lucky Strike and then out again for MORE clues!

Hot yet??!! Head to the bar! Cool off and take a picture of your team chugging a beer!

This was my favorite clue!!!!!

The Bean!!  We love it. Take a picture of your team and three more people building a human pyramid.

I thought this one would be the hardest but it actually wasn't!  These ladies were surprisingly game and we heard from other teams they posed for them too!

Booze, Broads and Bullshit.  Take a picture of your team in front of the giant mural of the owner of this quote.

Take a picture of your team in your favorite baseball pose near the drinking establishment near Wrigley Field that opened in 1953.

Let's play ball!  Head to Wrigley Field and take a picture of your team's bib number with an engraved brick with one of your team member's name on it.  

Jamie found her name after a few minutes of looking!

We love to travel, do you? Take a pic of your team with an out of state license plate.  Watch out for the moving ones. 

This is actually the clue where I stopped a drunk guy from losing his wallet!  The drunk guys thought we were real super heroes and after taking this pic for us kept insisting on taking pictures with us.  Didn't they know they were slowing us down????

Take a picture of your team at the statue of Mr. Cub AND text his last name to 41242.

Find a place where you would perform the Adho Mukha Svanasana.  Take a picture of your team performing this in front of the location. 

Downward dog!  We found the closest yoga studio near Wrigley Field.  Which wasn't easy i think this was at least .4 miles away!

Love the old days!! Take a picture of your team dressed retro style of your choosing.

Ragstock was VERY nice and let us take pics in the store!

We love JT's new song "Suit & ______".  Take a picture of your team wearing the missing word.

Ties!  Two clues in one at Ragstock!

Winnepeg has the title of being this frozen drink capital of the world selling over 188,883 of these each month.  Drink one with your team and document with a pic.

We may have lost a bit of time with this one since there is a 7-11 across from Wrigley Field and it seemed like EVERY team went to this one!  But I ran with that Slurpee and gulped it down in the heat!!!!

We ended up coming in 20th place with a time of 2:44:30!  I can't wait to do my next scavenger hunt!!!!

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