Monday, May 13, 2013

Jumping on the Quinoa Train!

I'm slowly attempting to change my diet.  So of course one of the fads right now seems to be quinoa!  I bought my very first bag of quinoa today at Trader Joe's and decided to dive right into the world of Quinoa. 

Beware one bag cooked A LOT.  OF COURSE I dumped the whole bag in.  The lil quinoa's looked so small I thought I needed it all.  Hopefully I can keep the leftovers in the fridge and try a new creation tomorrow. 

Today I want to do a berry quinoa muffin bite.  Basically I've been looking for a quick snack that I can eat on my way from work to my evening workouts.  Stopping at Burger King for a dollar burger just doesn't seem like a smart idea anymore!!

My muffin tin is for 24 lil muffin bites.  Since I had so much quinoa I kind of guesstimated how much quinoa to use. 

I put in 2 cups Quinoa, healthy pour of Egg white mixture (got this at Trader Joe's thought this was just egg whites then saw it's 99% eggs or something, next time I want egg whites only!!),  teasopoon of baking soda and teaspoon of vanilla extract, a good helping of blue berries and then I noticed some blackberries in the freezer so added those in for good measure.  Oh and of course some Agave Nectar for some extra sweetness! 

Somehow I actually managed to measure out the exact right amount for the muffin pan!

I plan on taking some of these to work with me so I'll have a quick energy snack before the Chick's Night Fun Run at Fleet Feet followed by Girl's Night Out.

Voila!  Send me your favorite quinoa recipes!  I'm ready to try some more!!!

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