Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warm Your Heart 5K Race Recap

I signed up for the Chicago Indoor Warm Your Heart 5K on a whim.  Basically sent me a coupon so I signed up!  I mean dangle a coupon in front of me for a race and I'm there! 

Packet pickup was at Sports Authority on Clark St just a few blocks from my apartment.  Score!  T-shirt is a long sleeve orange tech shirt, but it's men's size and it's huge so I'll never wear it. 

I asked for a medium.  I never know what size shirt to get!  Men's shirts in general don't fit me that well at all because I have hips and boobs!  But a lot of women's sized shirts at some of these races fit really small!   Anyone else have trouble picking the right race shirt size??

The race started at 9 a.m. all the way down at McCormick Place.  On site parking was $21 bucks so I took the train! 

But that meant I had to leave my house by 7:30.  It took about an hour to get to the race site and I packed pretzels so I could fuel some more.  I've really noticed that my racing is directly affected by the calories that I consume about 30 minutes before race time.

I decided to make an oatmeal smoothie for breakfast: quick oats, almond butter, cinnamon, banana and water.  I would have used milk but I didn't have any :(  I made so much that it ended up being a recovery smoothie as well!  I don't know how much I like the oatmeal smoothies though.  Maybe I shouldn't have added almond butter?

Anyways, the race!

I wasn't sure what to expect, I have never run an indoor 5K nor have I ever been to McCormick place.  This was the first time I had to use gear check because duh! we were indoors and obviously I didn't need my long winter coat on!  I had to wait in line to check my bag but it went pretty quickly and before I knew it they were calling us to move towards the start.

I was in a bit of a panic because with the hour long train ride I REALLY NEEDED TO PEE!!!   With less than 15 minutes until the start of the race I figured I was screwed!  Well imagine my surprise when I walked into the bathroom and there was no line!  Awesome!  I think there were a ton of restrooms around McCormick Place and this really helped as I didn't have to wait in line after the race either! 

I decided to line up with 10:00 pace corral.  Just a few months ago this would have seemed overly ambitious and maybe my PR of 29:08 was a fluke but I really wanted to run 10 minute miles!  Each pace group was sent off in 2 minute intervals.  Basically the entire 2.1 miles was set up between two big rooms.  This meant a lot of twists and turns but it was cool because you literally always were in view of a bunch of other runners.  In fact when I got to the 2nd room the first few runners were crossing the finish line and I got to see it! 

The twists and turns probably slowed me down a bit as it was hard to maneuver the turns and not run into the other people that were also turning.  For the most part I was never running alone as there were others running around my same pace as well as the others that were still zig-zagging through the course. 

This was the first 5K I ran that didn't make me feel awful and since I didn't have my GPS I never really knew exactly how I was doing.  I didn't end up beating my PR from New Year's Eve but I'm quite happy with how I did.

At the finish line there were a ton of free samples as well as bananas and bottles of water.  I drank a bit of water and then stuffed the rest in my bag.  I don't usually eat protein bars but I'm kind of excited to try the Cookie Dough Performance Energy Bar!


Finish Time: 29:57
Pace: 9:40
Overall: 491/1438
Age Group: 33/153

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  1. Yay for a great race and a new PR! An indoor race in January sounds awesome - it must have been so nice to not have to worry about the elements at all. But McCormick Place can certainly be frustrating to navigate through and to get to since it's SO HUGE. I can imagine the twists and turns must have been awkward, too. I ran the Strike Out ALS 5K last summer, where part of it takes place inside of US Cellular Field - and the indoor running was more challenging than anticipated!