Saturday, March 2, 2013

Please don't train for your first marathon without being fitted for shoes!!

Hello everyone!  I'm 8 weeks away from my very FIRST marathon!! 

For the past two weeks I was derailed by a silly first timer's mistake!  I didn't get fitted for new shoes.  Back in late October I realized the random Dillards clearance rack shoes I had been wearing were worn out and I desperately needed new shoes!  Thinking that all sneakers were created equal I wildly bought Pure Connects and Pure Flows from the Brooks Pure Project line solely based on the fact that Brooks are wildly viewed as an awesome running company! 

I tried on the Pure Flows and I was in love.  So much so that I HAD to get them in EVERY color!!!  They were bouncy and they were light and I felt like a real runner in these real running shoes. 

Now the Pure Project shoes are supposed to be a natural ride so they are super light and don't give much support.  If your running bio mechanics are good, then these shoes for you!  Obviously I thought I had great running bio mechanics!  I mean I'd been running for 5 whole months with no problems!  But it's not like I'd been running in front of any mirrors in order to be able to evaluate my own running stride.  And let's face it' I'm a notorious bad posture hunchbank.  Thinking I had GREAT running bio mechanics was a mistake but I'm not going to put too much blame on myself.  Anyways the Pure Flows felt great, the Pure Connects were ok for shorter runs!  Life was good! 

In November I started a half marathon training program.  I wasn't as consistent as I wanted to be in the training program because the holidays interrupted a lot but I tried to get in at least 4 days of running when I could.  I was feeling so great getting an 11 minute PR in the F^3 Half Marathon that I went ahead signed up for Marathon training! 

Of course this not only coincided with January New Years Resolutions and February Begin the Real Resolutions but also real snow fall in Chicago.  I was doing a lot of snow running and the whole time I kept saying well at least my calves are getting a workout!

I kept saying that basically until a day I could barely stand the pain, but luckily I had a Physical Therapy appt previously schedule.  I mentioned to my PT that my calves were in pain and she quickly got to work figuring out exactly which muscle was hurting.  Well all the tweaking and poking and massaging had me in tears because of the pain!  And my PT was worried I might have a stress fracture.  She got me worried too and she pleaded with me to go and get new shoes. 

I literally have 5 pairs of these Pure Flows and Pure Connects that are barely used and she's asking me to get new shoes?  To spend $90-$150 on yet ANOTHER pair?   And right before the Chicago Marathon was opening up registration for the mere cost of $175?!  Yeah you can guess who didn't get shoes that week. 

For the next two weeks I was scared to run and I wasn't running.  Other activities like Spin and Swim were fine on my calves, but the minute I stepped on a treadmill I was in PAIN.  And mentally I was scared to death of getting a stress fracture!  Plus the weeks were counting down and my marathon was getting closer and closer!!

I bet you can guess what I finally did on Friday PayDay?  Yeah I showed up at the running store after work to get fitted for my first real pair of running shoes.  And guess what?!  I'm not as bio mechanically perfect as I had figured i must be!  In fact I am an overpronater and I need shoes with support!

I tried on a few styles and finally settled on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13

Yes they cost me about $110, and yes it kinda hurt to shell out the cash.  Especially since the sales guy told me to through away all my Pure Project shoes!  He doesn't even want me to wear them for long runs! 

This past week I've eased back into running and I'm proud to report that I just finished MY VERY FIRST 15 MILE RUN!!!  And I couldn't be happier.  Yes I still do have some calf pain, but I can definitely feel the difference in my shoes. 

So I beg of you, if you are going to train for something and put all that time and effort in it you might as well invest in a pair of shoes that are specifically recommended for you!

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