Friday, January 4, 2013

Rudolph Ramble 8K Recap

The Rudolph Ramble 8K was put on by Fleet Feet sports on Sunday.  The race started in Lincoln Park and then basically ran the same route that I run every Saturday with my half marathon training group.  It was a simple out and back course, but I didn't mind.

Jenny and I were both running late so when she got to my apt we decided to take a cab the mere 1.4 miles it took to get to the start line.  We got there with just enough time to check Jenny's bag and then find our own pairs of reindeer antlers.  

Jenny is a faster runner than me and I was hoping with her pacing me that I'd be able to bust out 10ish minute miles.  But I had gone out the night before and hadn't gotten much sleep, so when I started struggling with 10:30 min miles I knew I wouldn't finish as fast as I first hoped.  Jenny had suggested our goal be to finish in 45 minutes but soon we were hoping to just get it done in 55 minutes!

Results show that there were 1596 finishers and it felt like a steady stream the whole time.  Usually by the time I hit the turn around there aren't that many people that I pass in the other direction.  This race since it was more family oriented seemed to have a widespread variety of skill levels.

If my schedule works out for next year I'd do it again and this time dress up for the Holidays!  

54:06 finish
10:54 pace

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