Friday, March 8, 2013

The aches and pains of marathon training

Hello All!

I have to admit this has been a tumultuous week of ups and downs for me both emotionally and physically!

Physically let's look how my week went!

Friday A.M. woke up in terrible pain, decided to go swim in order to shake it out!  Swimming actually made it feel better.  Went to physical therapy following still felt A LOT of pain in my posterior tib calf muscles!  BUT went through the work day feeling confident enough to go to the gym and see how many miles I could shake out on the treadmill.  Ended up with 7 miles!!!

Saturday A.M. was feeling a lil stiff but was trying to shake it out.  Actually headed towards my training group's meeting spot, but my legs just didn't want to run, in the few minutes I was outside my hands became completely numb, decided to head back home and try for 15 miles at the gym instead.  Went to the gym fully prepared with banana, GU chomps, water bottle and gatorade.  Decided to be flexible with my pace and go for 5 mile intervals basically.  Stopped to refill water eat etc. Every 5 miles.  At just under 3 hours I was done with my 15.  Watched A LOT of TV I would normally NEVER watch.  Immediately headed straight to the jacuzzi, after like 20 minutes of just not being able to move did some shake out swimming for about 20-30 minutes.  Honestly didn't feel as bad as I thought I would.  I ran from 12 minute to 11 minute miles I think I averaged 11:30 in the end.

Sunday Wacky 10K I'd signed up weeks ago and had been planning on it for a few months at least.  Let's just say this was probably my worst 10K ever.  Not because the time was slowest but because I just physically could not push myself.  My splits were 10:35, 11:21, 11:55, 11:36, 11:39, 12:01 and apparently the .2 was at 12:06 pace mainly because we had to run in the snow back onto the right uncleared path to get to the finish line that was covered in ice!!!  The only thing consistent about this run is I always seem to get a boost about 40 minutes into a run I call it my endorphin boost! 

Monday - Rest just went to swim and strength at night.  Some of the more bouncy strength moves my right leg was feeling hinky :(

Tuesday- Spin/Run brick.  This week's class started earlier at 5:30 I wasn't sure if we'd be adding the extra time to bike or run and it seemed like we added it to bike since we were still told to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I always cheat and put in 2 miles so sometimes this takes longer than 20.  This right now is my one speed workout of the week, I start at 11:30 and just keep getting faster til I can't take it anymore/2 miles is up.  I felt great towards the end but damn did I hurt later in the day for this one!!!

Wednesday- Weights in the A.M. with Corbett!!!  I never do weights this was all new and totally fun to do with a friend we agreed to come back again Friday.

Thursday- Meetup group 4 miles the snow hindered us from finding a new path and we definitely were running slow, but still a great run with some great friends!!  In the P.M. I was determined to swim 50 laps and I did!!!  I even took breaths from both sides for the first time!!!

Friday- Weights in the A.M. with Corbett!!  We returned to some of the exercises that definitely made me sore from Wednesday!!  Went to PT and didn't feel any pain the whole time she was poking and prodding.  I felt so confident and then I met Jenny in the P.M. to run and well.  I just hurt everywhere.  After about the 1st half a mile or so I did feel way more warmed up.  But right now SORE AS HECK!!!

So tomorrow I am supposed to long run I am hoping for at least 18 miles.  But honestly I'm not sure right now if I could do it.  Off to foam roll and then bed. 

I know I'm doing a lot right now and I love pushing myself, but darn it kinda hurts!

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