Friday, July 25, 2014

16 Days til Steelhead 70.3!!!

16 days until Steelhead 70.3, it is officially PEAK WEEK.  I'm sitting here at work beating myself off because I DIDN'T bike this morning like I was supposed to.  And I kinda don't want to run either!  And the whole thing is silly because it'll be my only day off til 70.3!

There just isn't enough days in the week!!!!

I'll make a game time decision once I get home whether or not I want to swim at the pool tonight.  I really probably should.  But I'm just feeling SO tired today.

Also, I've been avoiding swimming.  Chicago ITU Olympic Triathlon REALLY bummed me out.  It was my slowest swim to date and yet I NEVER panicked and I couldn't stop the water was too deep!  I never turned over on my back.  I just swam.  Apparently REALLY slowly.

So, yeah I've been avoiding the swim.  I went Tuesday morning with CJ to LVAC's Swim Training at 6 a.m.  And it kicked my ass in a good way.  And sorta motivated me.  I'll be back next Tuesday morning.  But I was basically gasping for breath SO OUT OF SHAPE.

I'm not loving running much either.  Last night I completed the Esprit De She 10K.  Barely.  People were encouraging me not to give up.  I musta REALLY looked like I wanted to give up.

At least there was wine after.

And this photo.

Oh right I DO have goals.

We actually got a real life copy of this photo, so I hung it at my desk on the cork board.  When I start feeling mopey I have to look at it and remind myself of the bigger goal.  

But yeah my running hasn't been great lately.  Like the Burgers and Beer 5K?  

Yeah that's me be not able to get by that smiling lady and her TWO children in the stroller.  

Official time was 31:02.  Exactly 10 minute miles.  I guess there is that?

The next day I ran the Strikeout ALS 5K in 29:24.  Not much speedier.  BUT that course was fun since we ran inside the Sox Stadium :)

Okay I've whined enough for today.  I'll try to update more often!!!!  

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