Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finding a Good Running Partner

Running with other people can be hard.  Usually you have to run at the slower person's pace because let's face it running with one person huffing and puffing is never fun.

I personally like training with a group because we have already have a set pace.  And this summer I have been group leading the 11:30 pace in preparation for the Chicago Marathon.  I've found this experience to be sooo rewarding.  I love each and every person in my group.  It's nice to go ahead and run 16 miles AT THE SAME EXACT PACE as 10 other people!

BUT I know that the 11:30 pace is a bit slow for me.  Since late May in 10 mile and above races I've managed a pretty consistent 10:16 pace.  This is when my body feels the best.  But in 4 mile and below races/runs I've been running 9-9:45 pace.  So how exactly do I find someone to run with?  It's tough!

I started my own meetup group called Chitown Social Running/Dinner/Brunch Group in order to be able to have more fun runs and also social gatherings in my life.  I mean who doesn't love running with some new friends and then going into a restaurant all hot and sweaty???  Surprisingly it's a lot of fun!  No one minds each other's sweat.

But the whole point of this is that there is a BOY let's call him THE NERD.  And he has been very persistent on wanting to date me.  So finally I said sure come and run with this running group I'm meeting for the first time on Tuesday night.  My legs were tight. I did just run the Oak Brook Half Marathon the day before!  I was feeling kind of slow and I was struggling to make 10 minute miles.  But eventually I settled into a 9:30 pace.  It was about this time though that THE NERD took off!  Not sure how fast he ended up running but he ran about a mile and a half without me!

So what do you think?  Do you expect your life partner to also be your running partner?  Am I wrong in thinking The Nerd rude?

Anyone have a running partner that they just refuse to give up??  They're valuable!

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  1. I hear ya finding someone with the right pace, I have been running with a few people and it's nice to have company. Although it is defeating to always be one block behind. As for the NERD, how rude!